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Advanced Open Water

The Open Water class is your introduction to the undersea world. You learn basic skills and become certified to dive up to 60 feet. So why should you take the Advanced Open Water class? The answer is simple: because there is so much more! The Advanced Open Water will advance your dive skills and prepare you for moving beyond the basic, shallow, daytime dive. We will make dives down to a 100 feet and improve both your compass and natural navigation. Divers can then select from a number of specialty dives to explore, including night diving, wreck diving, search and recovery, peak performance buoyancy, and much more.

Who should take this class?

The Advanced Open Water class is for any diver who has completed the Open Water class!

I am so excited about starting my Advanced Open Water class; what Adventure dives can I take?

The only required dives for the Advanced Open Water certification are the Deep dive and the Navigation dive because being able to dive safely up to a 100 feet and navigating effectively underwater are important skills that any Advanced Diver must have. We generally recommend divers experience diving from a boat, diving on a wreck, and diving at night because these are very common dives that open up many dive opportunities both here in sunny San Diego and around the world.

  • Deep
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Fish Identification
  • Boat
  • Wreck
  • Night
  • Search and Recovery
  • Digital Underwater Photography
  • Dry Suit
  • Enriched Air
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Underwater Naturalist

How long does the certification take?

Our group Advanced Open Water program involves completing the whole course in just one weekend!

Do you want more options for scheduling? Check out our private training program for Advanced Open Water: Private Advanced Open Water

Do I need a certain number of dives before I start the Advanced Open Water class?

No, in fact, we recommend students go into the Advanced Open Water class immediately after Open Water whenever possible. The Advanced class means more time working with an instructor and more focused training early on. While going out diving and gaining experience are crucial parts of becoming a great diver, we have found that students gain a lot by spending more time improving their dive skills before they set out on their own. Intentional constant practice, with consistent feedback, has been shown to be key to improving physical skills in many sports. The Advanced Open Water class offers instructors and students the chance to work together to fine tune basic dive skills and experience new diving challenges in a more structured environment.

Why do I need the Advanced Open Water certification?

The Advanced Open Water certification serves as an important learning and testing experience that shows boat operators, dive guides, and, most importantly, the people you dive with that you that you are serious about constantly improving your dive skills and are capable of handling the challenges that lie beyond basic shallow, daytime dives. The Advanced Open Water certification is also a prerequisite for further training including many specialties, the Rescue Diver program , the Master Scuba Diver program, and all professional level certifications.

I liked the Open Water class, but I do not want to spend more time in the classroom or pool; is this class for me?

The Advanced Open Water course does not involve time in the classroom or the pool! We focus on ocean diving and use a combination of independent learning and instructor-led reviews to cover the knowledge development portion of the class at the beach! The Advanced Open Water class is all about going diving!

I only have one day of diving during my visit to San Diego, can I still earn a certification?

Absolutely! PADI developed the Adventure Diver certification for exactly that reason. The Adventure Diver certification involves completing the Deep dive, the Navigation dive, and one other dive from the Advanced class. The Adventure Diver certification does not unlock the full range of specialties or further coursework, but will allow you to join the Rescue Diver program. You can later complete the last two Adventure dives in order to upgrade to the full Advanced Open Water certification.

I love the idea of learning more about diving, but do not want to dive on a shipwreck; can I still earn my Advanced Open Water certification?

Absolutely! While diving on shipwrecks is an amazing experience that many divers love, it is by no means a requirement for you Advanced Open Water certification. The majority of our Advanced Open Water classes do go to the wrecks, but one out of every three classes will be conducted with alternative adventure dives, including exciting opportunities such as Search and Recovery and Fish Identification!

I do not want to go on a boat; can I still earn the Advanced Open Water certification?

Absolutely! The majority of our Advanced Open Water classes do involve one day on the boats, but we do offer private courses without trips on the boats! Unfortunately, the shipwrecks out here are too far away for shore diving, so seeing them does require a boat trip. Our Favorite Boats

Is the Advanced Open Water class available for children?

Yes! The Advanced Open Water class can be taken, in some form, by any diver who has earned his or her Open Water certification. Divers who are 10 and 11 can earn the Junior Adventure Diver certification, improving their navigation skills and allowing them to explore new types of diving! Divers who are 12 through 14 can earn the Junior Advanced Open Water certification and can participate in all dives, but will stay shallower on the Deep Dive. Divers who are 15 and older can participate in the normal course! Kids and Diving

[1] Student must have completed Enriched Air knowledge development to do Enriched Air Adventure Dive.
[3] You may join the Rescue Diver course if you have your Adventure Diver certification Rescue Diver Prerequisites

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