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Assistant Instructors take a larger role in training new divers by teaching basic skills and helping develop buoyancy control in the ocean

Who Can Become an Assistant Instructor?

Assistant Instructors must have patience and a willingness to help others work through challenges. 

Minimum Age: To be certified as an Assistant Instructor, you must be 18 years old

Minimum Dives: Divers must have at least 60 logged dives to start the Assistant Instructor program and must have 75 when they finish

Medical Sign Off: All dive professional programs require a physician's approval to participate. Please fill out this form and take it to your doctor (make sure all dates are in the DD/MM/YY format)

Training Prerequisites:

How Do We Make Exceptional Assistant Instructors?

Training Philosophy
Assistant Instructors are taught the same methodology of teaching that is used all the way to the highest level of instructors. While Assistant Instructors may not conduct a full Open Water course on their own, they do participate heavily in the development of new divers. Assistant Instructors also independently conduct youth programs such as Scuba Rangers and help divers refresh their dive skills during a Scuba Skills Update.

The Assistant Instructor course is usually conducted in 3 weekends and a few weeknights in the classroom. 

Knowledge Development
You will build your knowledge of course standards and teaching techniques through independent study of your digital student materials. Then you will participate in a series of classroom sessions to review these ideas and discuss how to utilize these tools effectively. 

Skill Development
You will participate in workshops to improve your core dive skills, rescue skills, and group control skills in a class setting. You will learn how to brief, demonstrate, troubleshoot, and debrief core diver skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hiring?

While we occasionally hire an exceptional outside candidate, we hire primarily out of our development programs. We know that we produce the best dive professionals, so we know we can trust them with our customers. While we do not guarantee a job, we have frequently hired dive professionals who completed their training with us.


How do dive professionals get paid?

This varies from store to store and region to region. In some parts of the world, dive professionals are paid per student or per dive. Here, at Beyond Land Adventures, we pay all our dive professionals hourly rates to ensure that their priority is always ensuring exceptional training, without having to rush to the next class.


Are dive professionals full time or part time?

It all depends on the professional. We have both full time dive professionals and part time dive professionals. Many of our dive pros have fulfilling careers outside of diving and work part time diving to help their hobby pay for itself. Other dive professionals join the industry full time also work in dive stores, repair facilities, or offer professional dive services.


How long does it take to get certified?

It all depends on you! If you have the time and want to join the industry as quickly as possible, we have accelerated programs that can help you get from Open Water to Instructor in two months. If you want to take your time, you can do that as well and work through the program at your own pace.


Where do dive professionals work?

All over the world! There are dive professionals in all 50 states and in almost every country on Earth! Some dive professionals will travel to beautiful resorts to help guide visiting divers in locations such as the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Others will work in some of the amazing training facilities all over the United States.


Do dive professionals get benefits?

Yes! While benefits vary from store to store, we offer our dive pros special deals on gear and training, as well as opportunities to advance their dive skills and test out newly developed gear!

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