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Wreck Alley

San Diego's Wreck Alley is a beautiful series of wrecks located just offshore from San Diego. These dive sites include dives to a 366-foot Canadian destroyer, a fallen weather tower, and a 160-foot retired Coast Guard kelp cutter!

Point Loma Kelp Beds

The Point Loma Kelp Beds are a rocky reef that is filled with local marine life! The Kelp Beds come alive when the water is the right temperature for the kelp to grow. During those conditions, kelp can grow up to 2 feet per day! Many divers describe staring up at 40 foot kelp stalks reaching up to the sky as one of the best dives of their lives!

All our guided dives are private dives, which means that your group will be led by one of our experienced dive guides with no other divers. That means the dives are based on your dive goals, air consumption, and experience level. Your guide will discuss the site with you and then create a custom dive plan to fit your goals!
Due to the scheduling logistics of the boat dives, we schedule these dives via phone. Please call us at (619) 366 - 6266 and we will be happy to set up dives for you! 

Why dive with us? 
Our experienced and knowledgeable professional dive team will allow you to relax and enjoy the marine life during your dive. Many of our dive sites are filled with incredible life, but a diver unfamiliar with the site could miss all of that and spend a lot of time looking at sand. With one of our guides, you will get the most out of your San Diego dives!
What rental gear do you use?
We use a combination of high quality Aqua Lung and SCUBAPRO dive gear to ensure our divers our comfortable and ready to dive. Your rental gear package includes a mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, boots, a 7mm wetsuit, dive hood, BCD, Regulator, Dive Computer, Tank, and Weights.
How will I know my dives are confirmed? 
We will send you an email once we receive your booking to confirm the dives. You will then receive an additional email with more specific information about your dives! If you have any questions, you can always reach us at (619) 366 – 6266 or email us at! Please remember that we cannot guarantee dives booked less than 7 days in advance, but we will always try to make the dives happen, if we can do so safely!

What should I do to prepare for the dives before and during the day of the dive?
You will come into our store, conveniently located in the center of San Diego, where the two largest highways meet, so that you can try on your rental gear and make sure everything fits comfortably. You will leave with the gear and meet your guide the next day at the dive site. Your guide will be waiting for you at the boat launch to help you get set up and then lead you out to the dives. Please bring a towel with you and anything you like to wear underneath your wetsuit. If you cannot make it to the dive shop or you cannot transport the gear, please call us at (619) 366 – 6266 and we will set up your dives with gear transportation. 

If you have any questions about the dive sites or diving in San Diego, please call us at (619) 366 – 6266 or email us at!

Request a SCUBA Guided Dive

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