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Graham Hufford
SSI Instructor Trainer
PADI Course Director                                                                   Divers Alert Network Instructor Trainer
Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer                              PSI Tank Visual Inspector
TDI Visual Inspector Trainer                                                         Handicap SCUBA Association Instructor
Certified Technician: SCUBAPRO, Mares, and Aqua Lung

Graham became a certified diver in 1987 and has been teaching diving since 1990. He has a passion for diver education that drove him to becoming a SSI Instructor Trainer. Graham has taught many instructor candidates and has a reputation for exceptional instructor development. Graham is also an instructor of the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Diver course.
Anirudh Ramkumar

SSI Instructor Trainer
SSI Horizon Rebreather Instructor                                               Handicap SCUBA Association Instructor
Emergency First Response Instructor                        ​                  TDI Tank Visual Inspector     
Certified Technician: SCUBAPRO, Atomic Aquatics, Oceanic, Hollis, Aeris, Mares, Cressi, Aqua Lung

Kumar, as he is known in the dive world, is a SSI Instructor Trainer. He came to diving for fun and ended up loving it so much, he rearranged his life around diving. As an Instructor Trainer, Kumar teaches all levels of divers and love to teach the Instructor Training Course.
Aaron Tyznik
PADI Master Instructor
Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer

Aaron is an experienced instructor who loves to teach new divers. He is also a technical divers who has a deep passion for treasure hunting and wreck diving. Aaron can be seen all over San Diego's dive sites by his distinctive bright orange gloves.

Willie Banks
SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer
PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Emergency First Response Instructor

Willie retired from the Navy as a medic in 2007. His kids had graduated high school and out of the house and he knew it was his time to dive. He took an Open Water class a month after retirement and hasn’t stopped since. His commitment to himself to travel to exotic places has proven true with over 2,000 dives all over the world. His top 5 destinations are Grand Caymens, Roatan, Okinawa, Cozumel and Costa Rica. He enjoys sharing his passion for diving with new and experienced divers in hopes they catch the scuba bug. In addition to diving his other hobbies include off roading, triathlons, camping and just enjoying the outdoors. His number one item on his bucket list is to dive under the ice.
Pauline Roche
SSI Divemaster Instructor                                                SDI Cylinder Inspector
PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer                                  DAN DEMP Instructor

Pauline began teaching diving while working the Caribbean and has been helping divers discover the underwater world for over 25 years! Pauline has worked on dive boats, liveaboard dive charters, and taught all over the world. In addition to teaching SCUBA diving, Pauline has worked as a diver in multiple aquariums and as the Dive Safety Officer monitoring all dive operations for the San Diego Zoo. Pauline loves being underwater and describes herself as uncomfortable when she has not dove in more than a few days.

James Salvin
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Emergency First Response Instructor

James has a deep love of the water and enjoys kayaking, freediving, snorkeling, fishing, and SCUBA diving. James takes pride in ensuring his students are trained exceptionally well with a special focus on buoyancy control. James is also an environmentally conscious spear-fisherman who believes in protecting the ocean for the generations to come.

Patrick Crockett
SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor
PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer
Emergency First Response Instructor

Patrick started diving in the Florida Keys in 2001. He has dove in the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Bali, Thailand, Hawaii, and California. Locally, Patrick loves diving Wreck Alley and Catalina Island.

Chris Fischer
SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor
PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer
Emergency First Response Instructor
PSI Tank Visual Inspector

Chris started diving when he was 13 years old with his father. Years later he joined the military and became a combatant diver with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, US Marines. After leaving the military to pursue college, Chris continued his SCUBA education and received his Divemaster Certification. Chris has since become a Trainer for the U.S. Navy's Marine Mammal Program. Chris has dived in places like Mexico, Australia, Guam, and Egypt.
Patrick Martin
PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

​Patrick's first open water dive was in the Catalina Island Kelp Forest and he instantly fell in love with the underwater world! He then moved to Thailand to begin his professional career and explore every facet of diving that he could. Since being in San Diego, he worked at SeaWorld for almost seven years as an Aquarist working with animals, including sting rays, sea turtles, and sharks. He also worked as a Dive Safety Officer for SeaWorld, overseeing the training and safety for all the divers in the park. Locally, Patrick loves diving Wreck Alley and still lists Catalina as his favorite spot he's ever been able to dive!
Jessie Edwards
SSI Open Water Instructor
PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

Jessie is an avid diver who is part of the dive team at Sea World. She loves diving for the chance to encounter amazing marine life and meet new people. Jessie earned her Divemaster and Instructor certifications so she could help share her love of the ocean's many creatures with other!

Stephanie Heinrich
SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor
PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

Stephanie started scuba diving when she was 17 years old during a Discover Scuba Dive on the island of St. Thomas. A mermaid at heart, Stephanie has worked at SeaWorld as an educator and diver, and at Scripps Institute of Oceanography alongside world renowned scientists passionate about the ocean. Now a dive professional, she enjoys sharing her love for the ocean, and teaching others how to safely explore the underwater world. Stephanie is an avid traveler, and loves to dive internationally while learning about local culture and conservation efforts. Ask her about her favorite dive and travel locations​!

Ben Yute
SSI Open Water Instructor

A water person through and through. Ben is a US Navy Rescue Swimmer veteran. When not SCUBA diving, he is an avid surfer and free diver. He started his dive professional career in Hawaii and has traveled a good chunk of the world. He is an upbeat enthusiastic teacher eager to inspire others to experience the ocean in any way shape or form. “Full Stoke!”

Dafna Bimstein
SSI Open Water Instructor

Call me Daf! I'm the one probably in mermaid leggings. Born and raised in Tijuana/San Diego, I've been snorkeling and freediving these waters the majority of my life. I started SCUBA diving in 2016 while I studied marine biology at Claremont McKenna. Since then I've dived throughout Israel, Mexico, and SeaWorld. My goal is to inspire every guest and student to care for the ocean, and tap into their inner merfolk!

Kevin Kai Lin
SSI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

Kevin is a divemaster trained here by BLA. Bored of life on land, (as a digital marketing manager) he decided to search for excitement in a place called Caye Caulker Belize. There, he breathed underwater for the very first time and swam in bioluminescence. He succeeded in getting an open water certification despite heavy rain and rough seas. Back in San Diego, he yearned for that feeling of weightlessness - so he logged 90 more dives in the next 5 months. He hopes to cave dive the Yucatan in the near future. As a divemaster, Kevin encourages all divers to relax, go slow, and enjoy life “beyond land”.

Lynsey Boatman
SSI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

Lynsey has been a diver since 2011, but has had an affection for the water and the creatures within her whole life.  Working as a dive professional has allowed Lynsey to combine her love of exploring the underwater world with her love of sharing it with others.  She loves to interact with dive students and teach them why our local diving is so fantastic.

Scott Boatman
SSI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

Originally from the Midwest, Scott fell in love with San Diego while serving in the Navy.  When he returned, Scott pursued his dream of becoming a certified diver.  9 years later, Scott is continuing to grow his love of San Diego with his love of diving.  

Hollis Albrecht
SSI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

Originally from Iowa, Hollis moved to San Diego to finish high school and fell in love with diving here. She is studying marine biology in Tampa, Florida and is very passionate about sharing her love for the underwater world with others!

William Roach
PADI Assistant Instructor

Will is a San Diego native and grew up in Pacific Beach. He has spent his life in, on, and under the water and has always felt at home in the ocean! Currently, Will’s favorite pastimes include SCUBA Diving, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, and Fishing. Will takes pride in being a PADI Divemaster and believes strongly in teaching the importance of safety first. He enjoys assisting new students as they gain confidence and learn to explore the underwater world!

SSI Assistant Instructor
PADI Assistant Instructor
Emergency First Response Instructor
PSI Tank Visual Inspector
Certified Technician Seminars: SCUBAPRO, Oceanic, Hollis, Aeris

Saleem is a passionate diver who is known for his calm underwater and incredible knowledge of SCUBA gear. Saleem loves to assist new divers as they begin their journey into the sport he loves so much.

Christian Sengsourinho
SSI Assistant Instructor

Chris began his obsession with the ocean at 6 years old. Growing up he spent most of his time at the beach or outdoors and made the jump into the SCUBA world in 2020. Chris is a dedicated diver committed to pursuing his passions in diving and sharing the beauty of the underwater world with others.

Nola Schoder
PADI Assistant Instructor

Nola is a phenomenal photographer who loves to share her love of the ocean with everyone she meets. In addition to taking incredible photos, which can be seen at, Nola loves to teach new photographers about the fundamentals to her art.

Jake Hawn
PADI Divemaster
PADI Emergency First Response Instructor
Certified Technician Seminars: SCUBAPRO, Oceanic, Hollis, Aeris

Jake loved diving so much that he made it his life's passion. Jake spends most of the day underwater every day, working as a diver. Jake developed a reputation for toughness and a constant commitment to improving his dive skills.

Jesse Taylor
SSI Divemaster
PADI Divemaster
PSI Tank Visual Inspector

Jesse is an avid SCUBA and Free Diver who loves being in the ocean. A national level collegiate swimmer, Jesse prides himself on improving his breath holds. Jesse is also a diver at Sea World where he swims with Beluga whales, dolphins, penguins, and much more!

Emily Ferrari
PADI Divemaster
PSI Tank Visual Inspector

Emily started out doing scientific research diving with UCLA in San Diego, the Channel Islands, and French Polynesia. Since 2015 Emily has been a commercial diver and dolphin trainer. She is an avid diver who loves seeing the variety of life that inhabits the underwater world!

Matt Dale
PADI Divemaster

Matt began his diving journey just over 3 years ago and has excelled quickly to become a Divemaster. He enjoys being outdoors and loves to go fishing and hunting. He is looking forward to diving in many different places and passing on his love for diving to all new divers.

Alex Gillet
PADI Divemaster

Alex Gillet began his water adventures as a child snorkeling in France, his native country. Back in 1998, during his time as an exchange student in San Diego, he got his first diving certification (SSI open water). He continued his scuba diving journey by obtaining his CMAS level 2 in the cold waters of the north of France.

In 2016, after completing his Divemaster training (here in San Diego), he set out to travel and dive around the world for 2 years. He returned to San Diego and is excited to assist new divers as they begin their journeys of the underwater world.
Jade Sommers
SSI Divemaster

Jade started diving at 12 years old in San Diego, and has loved diving all over Southern California ever since! She worked on a liveaboard dive charter that took passengers diving with Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island, and is now excited to be taking divers through San Diego's beautiful underwater parks while working on her Master's Degree.  

Justin Knoll
SSI Divemaster

Born and raised in San Diego, Justin began SCUBA diving in 2014. He found his passion underwater and become a Divemaster in 2017. At the end of 2017, Justin moved out to Arizona and completed his Bachelors Degree in Business and Sustainability at Arizona State University. In his downtime, he explored the underwater world of Arizona. In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, he moved back to San Diego with his wife and daughter to resume his passion even further as a Divemaster.

Spencer Beane
SSI Divemaster

Hey I’m Spencer! I grew up inland in Portland, Oregon but from as far back as I can remember I had this fascination with the ocean and all the creatures that lived within it. So naturally, when I started scuba diving in 2017 I was instantly hooked. Now, as a divemaster, I can live out my dream of exploring the seas while bringing others along for the ride! My goal here at Beyond Land Adventures is to help others to discover the amazing underwater world while giving them memories that will last a lifetime!

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