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We are happy to help you get ready for your next dive! We have a state of the art service and repair facility, built specifically to ensure we can handle all of your repair needs. We work hard to ensure that your gear is returned to you in a timely and complete manner. 
Tank Services

Visual Inspection
Visually inspections are required once a year and must be completed by the end of the month of the date marked on the previous visual inspection sticker or whenever the tank is empty.

Cost: $15 (includes air fill)

Turnaround Time: 48 Hours (we finish most tanks within 24 hours)

Hydrostatic Testing
Hydrostatic tests are requried by the Department of Transportation and must be completed every five years. You can see the month and year of the last hydrostatic test stamped into the metal on the top of your tank. 

Cost: 39.95 (includes visual inspection and air fill)

Turnaround Time: 14 days (for faster turnaround, drop your tanks off before 5pm on Thursday)

Regulator Repair

Bench Check & Tuning / Annual Inspection
During the bench check and tuning, we will inspect your regulator, check the intermediate pressure and cracking pressure and tune the regulator back to manufacturer specifications. This is required every year or 100 dives for all major regulator brands.

Cost: $25

Turnaround Time: 72 Hours

Full Service and Calibration / Overhaul
During a full service and calibration, we will take apart your regulator. We clean metal components in a sonic cleaner to remove corrosion and clean all plastic components. We remove most o-rings and seats and replace them with new ones from the manufacturer. We then reassemble the regulator and tune it to specification.

Cost: Varies based on brand, model, and state of internal parts. Most standard regulator systems (first stage, second stage, and alternate air source) cost between $160 - $185 for a standard service. If a regulator has corrosion build up or has been store for a protracted period of time, parts that are not normally replaced might need replacement, which can increase costs on some regulators. We also offer trade in deals if you would like to upgrade to a new regulator

Turnaround Time: 14 - 21 Days

Buoyancy Compensation Devices (BC)

Bench Check
During a BC bench check, we will test your BCs functions and provide you with information on any service that needs to take place.

Cost: $25

Turnaround Time: 72 Hours

Advanced Cleaning
We use specialized adapters to clean the inside of your BC, including dump valves and inflators. We use BC cleaners that will help breakdown salt damage and chloring stains to get your BC looking clean. We recommend this service annually to help keep your dump valves clear of salt water build up. 

Cost: $20

Turnaround Time: 72 Hours (can be done concurrently with Bench Check)

Dive Computers

Battery Replacement and Pressure Test
We replace the battery and o-ring using manufacturer recommended cleaning procedures and lubrication. We then pressure test your dive computer to ensure that the compartment has sealed.* We pressurize your dive computer down past the equivalent of 50 feet of depth.

Cost: $45

Turnaround Time: 72 Hours

*Not avaialable on all computers
We are proud to carry and service the following manufacturers:


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