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La Jolla Shores
La Jolla Shores is one of the most frequented dive site in California. Sitting just offshore is the La Jolla Underwater Canyon. "The Canyon" as it is known to local divers is home to all types of local marine life including octopus, horn sharks, eels, lobster, and much more! The Canyon is a great site for new divers and experienced ones allowing dives to a variety of depths due to its multi-tiered wall. The Canyon also frequently plays host to transiting marine life such as dolphins and occasionally gray whales!

La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove is a beautiful rocky reef that is home to the colorful fish of California, including the State Fish: the Garibaldi. The Cove is also home to seals and sea lions that enjoy basking on the rocks nearby in between dips in the water. The Cove dive site is great for beginners and anyone who wants to see seals and sea lions. Since they are accustomed to divers going through the area, the seals and sea lions will often come up to play around and do some flips to see if they can entice divers into a game!

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