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San Diego is home to several incredible wrecks ranging from a weather tower to a 366 foot destroyer! There are literally parts of planes, trains, and even a bridge!

HMCS Yukon

An incredible 300+ foot Canadian destroyer, the Yukon makes for an ominous sight initially, but a good dive light will reveal bright shades of pink covering much of its surface! Experienced wreck divers have enjoyed many of the incredible opportunities for penetration with many places to explore! Want to learn how to dive safely inside a wreck? Check out our Wreck Diver Course!

Depth: 80 - 100 feet
Difficult: Difficult
Minimum Certfication: Advanced Open Water


The Ruby-E is a retired Coast Guard cutter that measures just over a 160 feet. Once upon a time, divers penetrated many parts of the wreck, but today, opportunities for penetration are more limited. Part of the wreck has collapsed in on itself. There are many incredible fish that live near the wreck, including the occasional sea bass!

Depth: 60-80 feet
Difficult: Moderate for external survey. Should not be penetrated.
Minimum Certfication: Advanced Open Water

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